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Faculty Publications

Medical Molecular Science
  1. Minervino , A. H. H., Barrêto, A .A., Rodrigues, F. A. M. L., Ferreira, R. n., Reis, L. F. Headly, S. A. and Ortolani, E. L. (2010), “Hepatogenous photosensitization associated with liver copper accumulation in buffalos” Research in Veterinary Science, 88, 19–522

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Clinical Science
  1. Ismail, B., Dickinson C. (2010). “Alterations in coagulation parameters in dairy cows affected with acute mastitis caused by E. coli and S. aureus pathogens”. Veterinary Research Communications. 34(6):533-539

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Behavioral Science
  1. Bergman, L., Gaskins, L. (2008) Expanding families: Preparing for and introducing dogs and cats to infants, children and new pets. In: Vet Clin Small Anim..  Eds: Landsberg, G., Horwoitz, D. 38 (5) p 1043-1063