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Canadian Veterinary Student Information

Canadian students comprise more than 20 percent of the student body at St. Matthew’s University. Why are so many Canadian students deciding to study at SMU? As detailed below, the Cayman Islands are a welcoming “second home” for Canadians, financial aid is available for Canadian students, SMU offers clinical study in Canada, and an increasing number of SMU graduates are choosing to practice in Canada.

Grand Cayman is a Welcoming “Home away from Home” for Canadians

Thousands of Canadian citizens live and work on Grand Cayman, as Canadians are the third largest component of the significant foreign (“ex-pat”) workforce in the Cayman Islands. Many are doctors, lawyers, bankers, or accountants, while others are in the tourism and construction industries. With such a large number of Canadians, there are many elements of home available on Cayman. For example, there is a flourishing ball hockey league on Cayman, and many night spots feature a wide range of NHL games on television.

Canada has a cooperative partnership with the Cayman Islands, a reflection of the broader historical relationship between Canada and the United Kingdom. As a British Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands’ foreign relations, defense and internal security is the responsibility of the United Kingdom. There is also a Canadian Consulate on Grand Cayman.

Canadian interests in the Cayman Islands are considerable. Canadian controlled banks, such as RBC and Scotia Bank, dominate the financial services sector and operate off-shore mutual funds out of the Cayman Islands. Other Canadian investments include hotel properties and utilities.

Financial Aid is Available for Canadian Students

St. Matthew’s University’s Canadian students are eligible to apply for loans through the Provincial Canadian Student Loan Programs. SMU’s school code for applying is NUBQ. The Canadian government provides loan information and access to the National Student Loans Service Centre through their CanLearn website at

Also, most major banks in Canada offer lines of credit for students studying outside Canada. These educational lines of credit are specifically designed to fund the costs associated with the student’s studies. Canadian banks offering such student loan programs include Royal Bank of Canada, National Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, and TD Canada Trust.

You Can Spend Your Fourth Year of Study in Canada

SMU veterinary students may choose to spend their clinical year at either of our two affiliated Canadian Colleges of Veterinary Medicine (or any of our many affiliated schools in the U.S.). The affiliated Canadian schools are:

  1. University of Prince Edward Island, Atlantic Veterinary College
  2. University of Saskatchewan, Western Veterinary College (Canadian students only)
You Can Become Licensed to Practice in Canada

SMU veterinary students have a very straightforward path to licensure in Canada, and may practice after simply passing the appropriate licensing exams. Several SMU graduates are veterinarians in Canada currently, with more joining the ranks each year.